Lexus unveils IS C advertising campaign with four new commercials with Video  

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2010 Lexus IS C Convertible

When carmakers start tossing around terms like 'mischievous' and tapping into online markets for their cars, it's clear they're targeting a younger audience. And that's exactly what Lexus is doing with its new campaign for the 2010 IS C retractable hardtop convertible.

Partnering with, YouTube, and Brash Media, Lexus is making it plain that they are really going for the gusto with the younger crowd. The ads themselves depict this as well, with a 'Live a little...a lot' tagline, titles like 'Hop In', 'Running', 'Look Out' and 'Scream', high-speed driving and girls in sun dresses chasing each other.

On the other hand, the company could just be trying to inject a bit of youth into their brand image, helping baby boomers to feel more like a part of the younger generation than the NCIS-watching retirement home crowd.

Whatever the reason, the ads themselves are entertaining. Check out 'Hop In' below, or hit up Lexus's YouTube channel for the rest.


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