Lorinser Catapults Exclusive 660 PS Mercedes SL to 325 kph  

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The South Italian ring in Nardo is a track made legendary by the cars that have conquered it. And joining their ranks will be a Lorinser-tuned limited-run special edition version dubbed "Nardo3" of the Mercedes SL. In a bracket reserved for supercars, the exclusive SL was measured independently at 325 kph. But the Nardo3 SL is not simply a car built for straight-line performance - it is 'a racing car for the road' which brings ambience as much to the forefront of the concept as it does racing-bred performance thrills.

Based on the V12 biturbo-powered SL65 AMG, the car produces 660 PS / 485 kW and maximum torque of 1013 Nm - on a par with a medium-sized truck. And it is styled to impress too. Typical racing car reminiscent styling cues feature, with aggressive front and rear aprons being the most noticeable new additions. The side profile is characterised by widened fenders and gaping air intakes on the flanks. And with most road users only ever set to catch a glimpse of the rear, a visually appealing acoustic exhaust system is fitted, while special treatment is paid to the rear skirt with the integrated double pipes.

Inside, a comfortable atmosphere greets the driver, a sense of luxury and sportiness combined in an elaborate Alcantara interior that echoes the fusion of sports and luxury car at every turn. This is a car where exclusivity is truly meant, with the treatment set only to be reserved for 50 units.

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