Speculations: First Sighting of New Maybach  

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More individuality

Don't be afraid, this Frankensteinian look on the Mercedes S Class is purely for testing purposes. But testing for what? We reckon that Daimler AG is running preliminary tests on the streets of Stuttgart for a new Maybach.

Maybach has never performed as well as Daimler had hoped, selling just 32 vehicles in Germany in 2006, but the German manufacturer has not given up hope on the ultra-luxury brand just yet.

Recently a special, officially one-off but rumoured to be a limited edition, Landaulet version of the Maybach 57 was shown at the Middle East Motor Show in Dubai. And only last week Brabus catapulted the 57 around Nardo to set the ultra-luxury class speed record at 330,6 km/h.

The current line-up of Maybach are all based on the Mercedes S Class, but with this new addition Maybach is set to receive a more individual design to distinguish itself more from th 'regular' luxury of the Mercedes brand.

The ultra-luxury market has been flailing (direct competitors like the VW Phaeton and Rolls-Royce Phantom are no big sellers either) except for the Bentley GT and Flying Spur have booked success. And it is those customers that Maybach, just like Rolls-Royce, will be targeting with a new model.

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