Chevrolet Camaro: Right Hand Drive Plans  

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Chevrolet’s hero car, the Camaro, is headed to right-hand-driven markets like Japan, Australia, UK and South Africa. This is according to General Motors, makers of the car. Unfortunately for fans of the other hero car from the same garage, the Corvette, will not be getting their right of way, so to speak, as Corvette is only limited to LHD manufacturing processes.

WCF has on a number of occasions, spotted this special retro-remake testing at several spots around the world. In fact, we’ve even had the chance to pilot one at a track outside of Miami soon after it was unveiled at Detroit for the first time. Although never allowed to exceed 50km/h /31mph at the track - no thanks to one 6ft6 hunk of a military-type whose job it was to sit right next to the drivers and just stare – it felt exciting driving a future icon so early in its life. Anyway, it was jolly good for about a minute and a half.

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