Sao Paulo Auto Show: Renault Unveils Sand'up Concept Unveils  

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Renault has unveiled its latest concept car, the Sand'up, at the Sao Paulo Auto Show today. The Sand'up is a modular concept car; a 2+2 coupe/convertible with movable panels that can convert the vehicle into various configurations. The model is also described as a compact SUV or pick up, given its design and higher center of gravity and the ability to convert its rear space into a transport bed.

Renault has not said whether the Sandero Stepway is expected to make its way to the European market. The Sand'up is still in the concept phase and Renault has not yet announced any production plans for it.

The Sand'up is based on the Sandero Stepway, Renault's latest compact SUV released in Brazil this month, which is also slated for the Argentinian market. The Sand'up is powered by a 1.6 liter engine, with outputs of 110 hp and 148 Nm of torque, that can run on either gasoline or ethanol. Ethanol is widely available in Brazil and the country is the world's largest producer of the organic fuel.
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