Car News: Fiat Abarth co-brands with Intel PC and Yamaha FZ1  

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Abarth is sleeping with some rather unusual bedfellows in Intel and Yamaha. The way forward in the motor industry is an unknown one so who knows where these collaborations might lead. The Intel one has future ECU possibilities of course, but for now it’s confined to branding a high-performance desktop machine powered by Intel’s new Core i7 Extreme processor, which is the most powerful Intel processor ever built.
The Abarth Powerplay Extreme PC is being exhibited at the 0 - 100 show and features everything that a hardcore gamer needs from a PC. The machine is used in recognition of gamers’ wide and often limit-bending applications of PCs, making them a sort of test bed for extreme performance. It will be the protagonist to Intel Friday Night Game, a championship in which 30 countries compete.

Yamaha’s involvement with Abarth takes the form of a “naked” FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corso bike with 150hp, very light with generous use of aluminium, titanium and carbon fiber components. It features monobloc brake callipers, daisy discs and a very adjustable suspension system. Abarth livery adds to the sporting mystique of this new collaboration.

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