Acura Advanced Sports Car  

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When we were on hand for the unveiling of Acura's Advanced Sedan Concept in LA, it wasn't met with the warm reception that the So Cal design team would've liked. The styling elements employed on the four-door of the future were, ahem, striking and very unorthodox by Acura's staid standards.

Thankfully, the team gets another chance at justifying such a radical styling departure when it unveils the Advanced Sports Car Concept next month in Detroit. Since the hood of the sedan concept could have easily accommodated a massive mill, we'd expect more of the same cues from the coupe. The sketch above confirms that the overly creased theme is carried forward, with the conspicuous boat tail tip protruding from the rear.

We're hoping that this kind of styling exercise isn't just to show off what the LA-based design team can dream up, instead giving us some indication about the future of the NSX. Considering that the President and CEO of Honda, Takeo Fukui, will be on hand to unveil the concept, we'd half expect some mention of the iconic, mid-engine, attainable exotic.

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