2009 Mercedes E-Class Wagon  

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We just snagged our first photos of the 2009 Mercedes E-class wagon, caught testing in Germany. The new E-class’ overall styling takes cues from the C-class, the CLS, and the S-class, but promises to look a bit more chiseled and angular than those models, thanks to new squarish headlamps that promise to be quite a departure from Mercedes’ current design language. The new E, codenamed W212, looks particularly elegant in “Estate” form, as the car’s long angular hood line and sharp windshield rake leads into a long and sleek silhouette. It appears to capture some of the R-class’ panache without its unfortunate minivan overtones. Mercedes engineers are reportedly still reeling from quality glitches and electronic gremlins that have plagued the current-generation E-Class since its inception, so we expect some simplification of the W212’s component-set. Problematic items such as the current car’s SBC electronic braking system will reportedly be ditched in favor of more conventional components.

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