Audi R8 Convertible  

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It seems whenever there is some hot car floating around out there, rumors begin to fly about how the automaker plans to keep that car fresh in everyone's mind. The Audi R8 is no different.

Speculation has been out for quite some time that Audi was considering an R8 convertible. Audi has certainly not confirmed this to anyone. Certainly not helping matters is the belief that Audi will make a pretty strong unveiling at the LA Auto Show in a few days.

In response to the rumors, or possibly fueling them, some new renderings of a proposed R8 Spider have been floating around a few web sites. We stumbled upon these at Autogespot. They have a few more Photoshops on their sites.

One thing is for sure: we will be waiting (im)patiently at the Audi stand on November 14th at 11:10am California time when they begin their presentation to the media.

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