Ford Mondeo by Loder1899  

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The just released new styled edition of the elegant Ford Mondeo is already available in a snazzy version. An early prototype of the Ford Mondeo inspired Loder1899 to create this artwork for the slick Ford. It was the car of choice for James Bond on his last mission in “Casino Royale”.

Equally suave and sophisticated is the real carbon Body Styling Kit from Loder1899.The discreet front lip and the lowering kit (35mm) underline the sportive keynote of the new Ford allowing the car to glide closer to the road surface. The elegant roof spoiler, the rear diffuser and the two branch stainless steel sport exhaust system (75x105mm) lends a powerful finish.

The real secret agent highlights are the 9x20” alloy wheels “Jacky” in polished shiny black or silver. The standard 220 hp Ford Mondeo gains an extra 50hp due to Loder1899`s motor management and the sport exhaust system.

The Loder1899 suspension system for the front and rear axles with adjustable vehicle height, gradient, pressure level and strut compression ensures luxury limousine comfort.


  • Front lip starts at 260€
  • Rear diffuser starts at 266€
  • Roof spoiler starts at 191€
  • Stainless steel sport exhaust system with sport cats: 2.067€
  • Lowering kit (35mm): 171€
  • Suspension system: 1.598€
  • Wheel/tire combination Jacky in 9x20” (silver or shiny black polished) with 245/30R 20 tires starts at 2.536€
  • Motor management: 1.198€

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