Official Audi R8 Targa Sketches Leaked  

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Just off the heels of yesterday's leaked Audi A1 sketches, Car Online once against comes forward with yet another official Audi design sketch of the R8 Spider. Our sources state it could be an early-stage design sketch for a motor show concept in the future. However, what is inconsistent about the sketch is that the bodywork is completely different than the existing R8. According to Car Online the R8 Targa goes on sale in 2009 which means a 2008 public debut. Although the possibility of a concept looms, it's suspicious that Audi would change the appearance of highly sought after R8 so soon. So, for your comparison and enjoyment we have included a cleaner more realistic rendering in higher resolution of the R8 Targa utilizing the R8's current exterior design. What do you think? Is the Car Online sketch a fraud? Leave a comment!

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