The Subaru Forester Countdown Has Begun...  

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This is the first teaser photo of Subaru's new Forester station wagon, enhanced by photo editor to reveal more of the new car to you. The 2009 model is set to be revealed at a presentation to press next month. The countdown will end on 22nd or 23rd December, depending on your time zone.

Historically offered as a load-lugging big brother to the Impreza, the Forester is an award-winning crossover utility vehicle which grows in height, width and length for the new-generation. The Forester was spotted earlier this year disguised as an Outback and chiefly revealed these new dimensions and new cues seen on this teaser photo.

Check back in less than a month's time for the official unveiling. Until then, you can browse our Subaru category and check out Subaru Japan's countdown page.

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