Chevrolet Camaro Prototype Hardly Camouflaged  

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Ugly in white

Camaro5 forum reader NVMY68SS posted the attached image yesterday, a day after the Camaro was spotted in Australia during testing. Even though the image quality is rather low, it does speak more than a thousand words. Camaro fans on the forum all agree that this prototype looks the part (besides the colour) and are expecting more images to surface.

The thin, futuristic side mirrors have made room for what look like temporary side mirrors, while the rear fender has lost its air vents. The prototype also shows a B-pillar, which was not there on the concept while the belt-line has been softened a great deal from the concept's hard lines.

The wheels look like they belong so it seems only too likely that this prototype is as production-ready as we're going to see before its public debut.

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