Heico HS7 World Premiere at Essen  

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Based on Volvo V70 T6

Maybe not quite as daring as the Heico S80 High Performance Concept, but Heico has transferred some optical similarities to the brand new HS7, based on the new Volvo V70 with brand new T6 engine, electronically controlled all-wheel drive and six-gear Geartronic automatic transmission.

Heico has re-developed the 3.0 liter 6-cylinder in-line turbo T6 engine for the S80 to run on E85 fuel, but has left the engine untouched for this HS7. We are hoping for a more high-strung engine in due time, but for now factory specs will have to do (243 kW / 330 bhp at 5600 rpm).

Heico has fabricated a new front grille, front skirt with more conspicuous spoiler flaps, enlarged air vents and better dimensioned charge air cooling system. The rear has a new rear skirt which houses the stainless steel exhaust system with four tailpipes. The exhaust system improves engine responsiveness and provides a pleasingly sonorous sound. The interior has its own share of Heico details like pedals, foot rest, door pins and illuminated Heico logo on the entry strip in the door.

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