Honda Fit Luxe'ster at Tokyo Auto Salon  

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The new Fit hit Japan back in October, overtaking Toyota's Corolla to become Japan's number one selling new car, and it is to be at Tokyo's Auto Salon next month that Honda will debut the Fit Luxe'ster - a new concept in supermini customisation. While it may be no Type-R, this RS-based luxury model Fit is a healthy stretch towards the D-segment with an abundance of luxurious splashes and stylish highlights.

An exclusive range of upholstered seats are available on the new Luxe'ster, although the leather tan upholstery somewhat more attractively adorns door panels, steering wheel, gearstick knob and a section of the dash than it does the seats. A two-toned fabric option is however of particular intrigue and available combined with white in blue, red and gray. Without a leather upholstered cabin, plastic panels for dashboard and doors are available in the above matching colours.

Fifteen inch aluminium wheels and a rear spoiler accentuate the exterior for a more individually-tailored Fit while for a more ambient entry, the Fit's footwell, complemented by chrome sports pedals, can be lit in blue, red or amber upon door opening. Exclusive Fit nameplates on the door thresholds and new chrome details front and rear finish off the Luxe'ster. All modifications are individually-priced for ultimate customisation.

For the supermini that has toppled the Corolla, this is a Fit whose finish is set to win over yet more Japanese buyers with its new options range. The Fit, branded for Europe as the Jazz, will hit US and European markets from early 2009.

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