Leaked: Audi Roll Out Schedule Until 2012  

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Includes R4

Quattro Quarterly, sponsored but not run by Audi, has published an extensive list of what Audi's roll out schedule might be. Autoblog was first on its trail and posted the attached scan of the list. Audi really does seem to keep its word in regards to the amount of models they will have on offer.

A year by year lay-down of what to expect.


Not big news here, so a quick recap. A3 Cabrio, A4 Avant, A3 facelift and Q5 will be making their way to dealers. In the second half of the year we should be welcoming the Audi TT-S, R8 with V10 engine and the Q7 Hybrid.


Slowly the list is becoming more interesting. 2009 kicks off with the Audi A5 Cabrio, followed by the top-of-the-line Audi RS5 (Detroit debut?) and R8 Targa (Geneva debut?). Later in the year we can now expect the Audi A7 Coupe, the Q3 small SUV, a higher spec TT-RS and A5 Sportback. The WCF news crew can't wait to see the A5 Sportback, it may just become our favourite. The year ends with the introduction of the brand-new Audi A1, which has shown its face as the Metroproject Quattro in Tokyo.


Audi will take the foot off the gas in 2010 with only three new models. But it will definitely be quality over quantity with the revealing of the new Audi A8 and Q5 Hybrid, followed later in the year by the new Audi A3.


Life will be good in 2011, and we expect Audi sales to really go through the roof with the introduction of a brand new Audi A6 and A6 Avant with the A1 Cabrio set for release late in the year. But the real news for 2011 is the coming of the Audi A7 Cabrio and sporty R4, is it safe to say the TT successor? Whatever it will be, it will be hot and should sell like hot-cakes!


Maybe a little too far in the future to really lay down concrete plans for, but Audi has an A4 facelift in the planning.

The list in short (check the attached image for production sites):

  • September 2007 - B8 A4
  • September 2007 - C6 RS6
  • January 2008 - A3 Cabrio
  • March 2008 - B8 A4 Avant
  • June 2008 - A3 Facelift
  • July 2008 - Q5
  • August 2008 - TT-S
  • September 2008 - R8 V10
  • December 2008 - Q7 Hybrid
  • January 2009 - A5 Cabrio
  • February 2009 - RS5
  • March 2009 - R8 Targa
  • June 2009 - A7 Coupe
  • July 2009 - Q3
  • August 2009 - TT-RS
  • September 2009 - A5 Sportback
  • December 2009 - A1
  • February 2010 - Q5 Hybrid
  • June 2010 - New D4 A8
  • October 2010 - New A3
  • January 2001 - A7 Cabrio
  • January 2011 - New C7 A6
  • May 2011 - C7 A6 Avant
  • June 2011 - R4
  • October 2011 - A1 Cabrio
  • January 2012 - A4 Facelift

Editor's note: Attached artist renderings are purely speculative for illustrative purposes and not based on any specific or factual knowledge of the vehicles mentioned above.

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