Mercedes C-Class Estate by Lorinser  

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305 hp T model

Mercedes' T model stationwagon is as old as Lorinser. Thirty years along the line Lorinser fine tunes the latest T model, the new C-Class Estate.

Lorinser distinguishes their version from the original with its rear apron with horizontal honeycomb grill, flanked by two specially designed muffler pipes which give the T model an unexpected contour. Down the side you find Lorinser's wide fenders with large air inlets (which wrap 19 inch Lorinser RS8 wheels in turbine design) and straight-line side skirts while in front the Winnenden tuning company installed a new honeycomb sport grille.

Lorinser also lowered the car with a new suspension kit while engine upgrades are available for most diesel and Otto engiens.

model power torque
C 200 135 kW / 184 hp > 160 kW / 218 hp 250 Nm > 295 Nm
C 350 200 kW / 272 hp > 224 kW / 305 hp 350 Nm > 380 Nm
C 200 CDI 110 kW / 136 hp > 115 kW / 156 hp 270 Nm > 360 Nm
C 220 CDI 125 kW / 170 hp > 140 kW / 191 hp 400 Nm > 480 Nm
C 320 CDI 165 kW / 224 hp > 192 kW / 261 hp 510 Nm > 580 Nm

Press Release

In 1977, the official birth year of Sportservice Lorinser, Mercedes first presented a station wagon named T and, thereby, introduced the first true luxury vehicle in this segment. Who knew that, in 2007, Lorinser would transform this practical body shape into an athletic and muscular powerhouse: the brand new, Lorinser-tuned T model of the C-Class.

This vehicle, which has a distinctly brawnier rear than its predecessor, distinguishes itself by the tuning company’s rear apron with horizontal honeycomb grill. Thanks to its three-dimensional shape and cleverly selected contour edges, this upgraded C-Class model can boast unexpectedly dynamic lines. Moreover, the two rear muffler pipes with their sophisticated design and flush fit provide the C-Class with an acoustic arsenal that is second to none. Similarly distinctive design elements from Lorinser’s current Haute Couture of vehicle bodies are the wide fenders with their large air inlets, which guide hot exhaust air away from the brakes and bear a striking resemblance to the flared nostrils of a race horse. However, the first thing the driver in front of you will notice is the striking front apron which the Winnenden tuning company fitted with a honeycomb sport grill.

Thanks to the Lorinser suspension lowering kit, this beefier T model will edge its way into the rear-view mirror of the driver in front – just above the asphalt. How quickly it approaches is determined by the question if the customer installed a Lorinser performance enhancement, which is available for most Diesel and Otto engines.

An upgrade is available for the C 200 Kompressor model which boosts the vehicle’s performance from 135 kW/184 hp to 160 kW/218 hp. This extra power increases the torque from 250 Nm to 295 Nm. This added power is achieved by installing a modified engine control unit along with altered belt pulleys, drive belts and a different air filter.

The C 350 with its six-cylinder V engine can also be optimised. This model also features modified camshafts. The performance is increased from 200 kW/272 hp to 224 kW/305 hp, while the torque jumps from 350 Nm to astounding 380 Nm.

The Lorinser Diesel Modules widen the range of options for self-igniting engines even further. These modules give the C 200 CDI a power treatment raising the performance of the vehicle from 110 kW/136 hp to 115 kW/156 hp, which translates into a torque boost from 270 Nm to 360 Nm. With the aid of the Lorinser Diesel Modules the C 220 CDI’s standard performance is enhanced from 125 kW/170 hp to 140 kW/191 hp and a whopping 480 Nm of torque (standard: 400 Nm). The top of this line of upgraded Diesel vehicles is the C 320 CDI, which features a standard performance of 165 kW/224 hp and a maximum torque of 510 Nm. Lorinser’s engineers managed to elicit 192 kW/261 hp and 580 Nm from this top-notch engine.

The capabilities of this power pack are underlined visually by straight-line side skirts that give the vehicle a high-tech appearance and elegantly emphasise the straightforward, yet well-proportioned contours of the T model’s body. The central and distinctive design elements of this model are its five gill-like air inlets. The side skirts visually connect the wheel arches which are dominated by single-part, 8.5x19 inch Lorinser RS8 rims in turbine design. Of course, Sportservice Lorinser also carries a wide range of other attractively designed rims, for the product range of the Winnenden tuning company is just as versatile as the C-Class model T.

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