Next Bond Car: Aston Martin DBS  

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Aston Martin has solidified a deal with MGM/Columbia pictures that will put the Aston Martin DBS in the hands of James Bond one more time. Under the working title "Bond 22," the DBS will make in appearance in its second Bond film in-a-row.

Although Bentley was the manufacturer of choice for Bond in the Ian Flemming novels, Aston Martin will be driven its sixth Bond movie when Bond 22 is released next November. Ford has had the most Bond on-screen time, with models appearing in nine of the 21 films in the series (not including the Mercury and Lincoln used in License to Kill).

Aside from the prestige brought to the brand by having the DBS in another Bond film, the brand recognition that comes with an appearance in one of the movies is invaluable. Casino Royale, released in November 2006, took in nearly $595 million in worldwide box office ticket revenue. This fact, not lost on Aston Martin CEO Ulrch Bez, is of paramount importance to the British automaker's long term marketing strategy.

"Aston Martin is proud of our long association with James Bond," Bez said. He continued to talk about the association he hopes Bond viewers will build between the secret agent and the luxury car brand, pointing out the road and track capabilities of Aston made cars.

Also worth mentioning is the ability of the DBS as a stunt car. Aston Martin has the dubious honor of being in the Guiness Book of World Records for "Most Cannon Rolls In A Car" after stuntman Adam Kirley rolled the DBS seven times in a single take for Casino.

"The DBS has its own unique character which equals that of James Bond. It is explosive power in a black tie."

Press Release

Bond drives DBS again

Gaydon, December 10th 2007: Aston Martin announced today that their new flagship model, the DBS, will once again be driven by James Bond (DANIEL CRAIG) in the next 007 film to be produced by Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli for EON Productions, and directed by Marc Forster.

The Aston Martin DBS made its first public appearance in Casino Royale when it smashed its way into the Guinness World Record books for ‘The Most Cannon Rolls In A Car’. The record-breaking stunt saw stuntman Adam Kirley taking the helm of Bond’s famous Aston Martin. The stunt proved one of the most spectacular in movie history when he rolled the DBS an amazing seven times.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ulrich Bez, said: “Aston Martin is proud of our long association with James Bond. The DBS has its own unique character which equals that of James Bond. It is explosive power in a black tie. It is the perfect car for James Bond as it delivers the complete driving experience and bridges the gap between our road and track cars – the DB9 and DBR9. It is equally at home on a twisting mountain circuit as on the open road and we are all very excited at the prospect of seeing it on the big screen again.”

BOND 22 (working title) is scheduled for international theatrical release in November 2008.

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