Zagato to Build Unique Bentley  

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Sports style elegance

A two (well spaced) page press release to mention that Zagato is building a unique Bentley. Which Bentley? We have no idea, all we can do is guess for the time being. So here goes nothing, our guess would be that Bentley has sacrificed a Continental GT Speed.

Why you may ask. Zagato is used to 'taking care' of the more unique cars as is, so why not the latest top-of-the-range Continental GT. Zagato's latest projects have included the Zagato Spijker C12, Maserati GS and the Ferrari 575 GTZ. All of them very striking, unique and very different from each other so there really is no telling what this Zagato Bentley might look like.

Another question is when this Bentley will be premiered. Another guess needs to be hazarded, and ours goes to the London Motor Show in July.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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