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The launch of the all-new Jaguar XK marks an exciting new era for Jaguar in terms of both design and engineering, and reinforces the marque's reputation for building ground-breaking cars that are as rewarding to drive as they are gorgeous to look at.

The XK generation that ceased production in June 2005 was Jaguar's fastest-selling sports model of all time. The challenge for the team that designed and engineered the all-new XK was to produce a model that bettered that success story. The new XK has been engineered above and beyond the high expectations that customers rightly have for a Jaguar sports car, a fact made possible because everything from its advanced aluminium chassis to its sophisticated transmission and exquisite interior has been designed in pursuit of a luxurious, advanced and stunning new Jaguar.

The all-new Jaguar XK will be launched early in 2006 and will allow Jaguar to emerge as a world leader in Lightweight Vehicle Technology while retaining its reputation for beautifully designed and crafted cars.

"The new XK delivers the unique blend of performance, luxury and style that only a Jaguar can," says Bibiana Boerio, managing director, Jaguar Cars. "And its beauty is more than skin-deep - this is a sports car with the heart and soul of every great Jaguar."

All-new Jaguar XK key points

• All-new Coupe and Convertible Jaguar XK, each designed as a 2+2 sports car

• First of a new generation of beautiful, fast Jaguars

• The most technologically advanced Jaguar ever

• Succeeds the Jaguar XK range introduced in 1996

• All-aluminium construction assists best-in-class torsional rigidity in Coupe form. In Convertible form, there is a 50 percent improvement in stiffness over the previous XK Convertible

• All-new XK is lighter than its predecessor and key rivals, with Coupe at 1595kg kerb weight and Convertible at 1635kg

• In Convertible form the Body-in-White weight, at just 287kg, is 20 percent lighter than the previous XK Convertible

• Lightweight body offers a 10 percent improvement in power to weight ratio.

• Delivers a balance of superb performance, driving dynamics and Jaguar sophistication

• Intuitive controls and driver-focussed technologies - such as Keyless Entry, Keyless Start and Active Front Lighting - enhance driver enjoyment

• Spacious, elegant sports car cabin exemplifies Jaguar craftsmanship, luxury and quality

• Launched with latest generation naturally aspirated 4.2 litre Jaguar AJ-V8 engine, developing 300bhp (224kW) SAE / 298PS (219kW) EEC

• AJ-V8 engine developed to satisfy Euro 4 emissions requirements and features Exhaust Gas Recirculation

• New Jaguar Sequential Shift 6-speed automatic transmission system incorporates steering wheel-mounted paddles for manual gear changes

• XK Coupe reaches 60mph from standstill in 5.9 seconds and completes quarter mile sprint in 14.4 seconds - less than half a second off the pace of the previous 400bhp supercharged model

• XK Convertible takes just 6.0 seconds to reach 60mph - 0.3 seconds quicker than the previous model

• XK Coupe accelerates from 50-70mph in just 3.1 seconds - 0.2 seconds quicker than the previous model (Convertible XK also 0.2 seconds quicker from 50-70mph at 3.2 seconds).

• Top speed of 155mph (electronically limited)

• Convertible roof operates electrically in less than 18 seconds to be stowed below lightweight aluminium tonneau cover

• In the event of a pedestrian impact, pyrotechnic deployable bonnet (Jaguar Pedestrian Contact Sensing) automatically deploys in the blink of an eye to create a cushioning effect between the bonnet and the engine

• New XK on sale from early 2006, with prices announced at the beginning of the year.

The xk marketplace

The XK competes in what the motor industry categorises as the 'Large Premium Sports Car' sector. This market is growing in importance and competitiveness - between 1996-2004, the total segment worldwide has more than doubled, from 48,000 to 99,000 units. Additionally, the number of key competitors increased over that period from four to seven. Forecasts predict that the sector size will remain constant over the next five years, with at least eight key competitors expected in the market by 2007.

Conventionally, the Large Premium Sports Car sector consists of two key product groups:

- Grand tourers, which maintain a high degree of luxury and refined comfort

- Overtly sporty cars, where high performance and handling are the main attributes.

Clearly, a product like the new XK that delivers well on both attributes will have immense appeal. The new XK offers the customer a sporty drive without compromising on luxury while its superb performance and handling will allow it to be bought by customers who previously would only have considered outright sports cars which compromised luxury and space in favour of more aggressive handling characteristics.

The new XK will appeal to a select group of affluent potential purchasers, who have an affinity with luxury products. They are looking for a grand tourer as well as a car with pure sporting credentials, one that provides exhilaration and escapism combined with status and exclusivity - 'luxury in a sports skin'.

Consequently, the new XK's beautiful exterior styling - which echoes Jaguar's lineage and signals performance - meets exactly those requirements. Similarly, customers will be delighted with an interior that engages and excites all the senses. It promotes driver focus, uses quality materials, colours and details, and has technology features that assist driver convenience and promote performance.

Advanced technology that adds to the driving experience will attract these 'savvy' consumers looking for features such as Adaptive Cruise Control and a touch-screen information and control centre. In short, the all-new XK offers customers the best of both worlds - sport and luxury, versatility and capability.

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