Kleemann ML63K Bi-turbo  

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Based on Mercedes ML 63 AMG

In our never-ending quest to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate news from around the automotive world, we bring you the new Kleemann ML63K, based on the Mercedes ML 63 AMG. Okay, Kleemann issued this press release back in November, after the ML63K made its debut at the Dubai Motor Show, but until now we had no images to accompany the release. And since a press release without an image is about as convincing as a 'my other car is a Ferrari' bumper-sticker we have been pestering Kleemann for photos.

The Danish tuning house has turbo charged the 6.3 liter V8, which has already been pushed close to its limits by AMG. AMG extracts 510 hp while Kleemann manages an astounding 800 hp with 1,000 Nm of torque. The ML 63 AMG gearbox (7G Speedshift) and 4-Matic drivetrain are up to the task and were left untouched.

Just to throw some numbers at you, the ML63K Bi-turbo can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and will not stop until the 300 km/h mark. The ML63K rides on 20 inch Kleemann TS-7 wheels (315/35 R20), is painted in Nordic White matte colour, exclusive to the Scandinavian tuner and comes with a hand-made 400 km/h speedometer. A limited edition run has not yet been finalised.

Please read on for further details.

Press Release

Setting new style and performance standards for SUV's

KLEEMANN, best known for their extensive experience in Kompressor technology for Mercedes-Benz cars, now includes the other side of engine supercharging into their programme: turbo's. As a result of the joint experience and efforts of KLEEMANN Denmark and KLEEMANN Dubai/GAE German Automotive Engineering, one of the worlds most beautiful and powerful SUV's will be revealed on the Dubai Motor Show from November 13th 2007: The KLEEMANN ML63K Bi-turbo prototype.

New challenges, new partnerships

Faced with the challenge of bringing out the full potential from the highly sophisticated V8 engine in the ML 63 AMG, the KLEEMANN R&D department chose a turbo solution over one of their efficient Kompressor systems. This is also the main reason KLEEMANN teamed up with their partner in Dubai, GAE German Automotive Engineering, from who they gained valuable and up-to-date turbo knowledge and experience.

Sophisticated technology

"The advanced triple throttle system on the AMG engine ensures remarkable power and torque on the normally aspirated engine, but its function is too sensitive for the constant boost pressure of the Kompressor. This is why we wanted to try turbocharging the engine instead, so the whole throttle system only recieved boost pressure under max load. This prooved successful and resulted on both enormous power and driveability, made possible through the new technology of stand alone engine management, which we are also currently using for our Kompressor systems" says Claus Ankjaer, technical director at KLEEMANN.

"We reduced the compression ratio from 11,3:1 to 9,7:1 to leave space for more turbo boost pressure and this was achieved by installing thicker and much stronger headgaskets. The 2 ballbearing Garrett turbochargers are placed behind the engine where they are mounted on modified KLEEMANN tubular headers and the exhaust gasses continue through special KLEEMANN turbo downpipes and a stainless steel high flow KLEEMANN exhaust system. For cool and efficient engine conditions, the pressurised intake air flows through 2 flat high capacity air-to-water intercoolers placed on top of the engine" Horst Busch, director at GAE German Automotive Engineering explains.

Speed and safety go hand in hand

This complete engine modification result in the awesome power output of 800 HP and torque electronically limited to 1000 Nm. The standard ML 63 AMG 7G Speedshift gearbox needed no modifications to handle the power increase and it easily transfers every horsepower through the 4-Matic drivetrain and out to each of the 20" KLEEMANN TS-7 wheels. Running on Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tires in the size 315/35 R20 and fitted with a KLEEMANN EBL suspension modification, the big SUV handles like a much smaller and lighter car.

The raw performance data for the ML63K Bi-turbo places it at the very front of the competition. The 0-100 km/h acceleration is achieved in only 4 seconds and the SUV continues the brutal acceleration right up to the electronically limited top speed of 300 km/h.

For improved safety, a high performance KLEEMANN brake system featuring 380 mm. drilled and vented discs with 8 piston fixed aluminium callipers on the front axle and 345 mm. drilled and vented discs with 4 piston fixed aluminium callipers on the rear axle is fitted. These brakes bring the ultrafast 2,5 ton SUV to a fast and controlled standstill from any speed again and again without fading or loss of stopping power, and it's a significant improvement from the standard twin piston sliding callipers on the standard ML 63 AMG.

"The overall goal for the ML63K Bi-turbo is – as it is for all KLEEMANN cars – to give the driver maximum performance and control on the road. Being a safe, reliable and everyday usable SUV reflects the Comfort Power slogan of KLEEMANN, and sets the ML63K Bi-turbo apart from many other tuned SUV's" says Lars Meller Jensen, Head of Communications at KLEEMANN.

A beautiful beast

For stunning elegance, the SUV is fitted with a complete KLEEMANN bodykit blending seamlessly into the dynamic lines of the ML and for the unique and very important final touch, KLEEMANN has coloured the SUV in the brand new and unique matte colour called Nordic White. This colour is a KLEEMANN exclusive and reflects the serene coolness of the Nordic climate.

Inside the car, driver and passengers experience a luxurious custum made alcantara headliner and Nappa leather covered dashboard in the special Rub'al-Khali Beige colour expressing the calm of the Arabian desert. A handmade 400 km/h KLEEMANN speedometer matches the huge performance potential of the car.

A limited production run of the ML63K is currently not finalised, but several elements of the car is already available from KLEEMANN.

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