BMW to Debut 5 Series Lifestyle, Exclusive and Sport Editions at Geneva  

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Hoping to inject a dose of high class into the already sporty and respectable 5 Series, BMW plans to introduce three special-edition lineups of the sedan and wagon at Geneva. The Sport, Exclusive and Lifestyle editions are designed to appeal to the various portions of the 5 Series' widely varied customer base. Each is distinguished by unique paint colors and trim.

The Exclusive edition is set apart by its Platinum Bronze Metallic paint and additional chrome on the body. 17-inch alloy wheels and a wood-trimmed interior establish the Exclusive edition as the luxury car of the family. The Lifestyle edition is designed to appeal to more active 5 Series owners, with satin-finish chrome and a lighter interior featuring a leather and Reflex cloth interior. The Lifestyle's unique color is Neptune Blue. For the gearheads, the Sport edition gets BMW's signature racing colors--Imola Red or Le Mans Blue--as well as 18-inch M alloys, a body kit and an M sport suspension.

Naturally, the 5 Series' fantastic driving dynamics haven't been touched, and we've heard of no plans for exclusive powertrain changes to any of the special editions. The additions to the lineup will make it easier for 5 Series owners to tailor a car to specific desires straight from the factory.

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