Chocolate Ferrari F1 Car Must be Eaten  

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Ferrari has sweetened their Formula One programme by unveiling this chocolate-made life-sized model of the F2008 racing car. Comprised of 2,000kg (4,405 lbs) of chocolate, the “project” began when confectioners melted chocolate a year ago and started making a small version based on a small-scale model of the F2008.

“The project started one year ago, just for fun,” said Luigi Liberti, president of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Napoli, “but then the Club Pasticceri Italiani started to get really enthusiastic and eventually it became a life-sized model.
They started melting the chocolate in 2007, at first copying a small-scale model of the Ferrari F2008, then getting the full scale model done using chocolate imported especially from Belgium.”

Everything on it is edible, everything including the red coating. The car had been on display in Sorrento, hear Naples as a display piece at a Ferrari owners’ party. But today it is being smashed up with hammers so guests can eat it p. For just £12,000/ €15,900 you can have the exact same thing, a year from now!

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  • 5/3/08 04:30  

    Yummy... that is really one sweet car. I would really love to drive that car(if it will not melt on the road) :)