Jet Black Bugatti Veyron for Sale on eBay  

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These opportunities don’t come up too often. Fancy a Bugatti Veyron in black? Well now is your chance providing you have at least a rather cool $1,850,000 USD. The vehicle is based in California so I am sure the Hollywood crowd will be clambering for the keys.

I would imagine the dealer will be very wary of any tyre kicking test drivers who come to see the vehicle. 1001bhp needs to be treated with respect and the average Hollywood rock star come movie star is probably lacking the correct level of driver skill required to handle this 8.0L, 64 valve quad turbo W16 road missile.

Apparently this is the first “Solid” colour Veyron they have had in the showroom which suggests that this is not the first Bugatti Veyron they have had to sell! Even if you can’t afford this piece of exotica you can at least enjoy the images we have attached.

Happy perusing। Or should that be happy dreaming?


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