Kicherer SL K 60 Evo Black  

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Mercedes tuning shop Kicherer upped the ante on its SL-Class tweakage program. It's the SL K 60 Evo Black. Its moniker isn't quite elegant, but the car itself isn't a shrinking violet. The 12 banger's been augmented with twin turbos to produce 605 horsepower, resulting in a zero-to-60 time of 4.3 seconds and a (restricted) top speed of 186.4 mph. Holding the Evo's head to the pavement is a functional aero kit, while proprietary programming of the SL's adaptive suspension makes way for a 25-mm lowering. Expect to see it on the autobahn or in a footballer's parking space near you this summer.

Press Release:

Kicherer SL K 60 Evo Black

605hp Mercedes SL Class
The Mercedes SL Class continues its success story in a revised edition. As a matter of course, the engineers and designers at KICHERER have pulled out all the stops in order to enhance the Roadster's exclusiveness and sportiness.

Thanks to the KICHERER K60 Biturbo 12-cylinder engine fitted with 605hp/445kW, the SL 600 becomes one of the most powerful Roadsters around the globe. 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds and 200 km/h after 14.2 seconds are values speaking for themselves, just like the electronically limited peak speed of 300 km/h.

Form and functionality of the greatest perfection: Apart from their elegant appearance, the KICHERER aerodynamics components, available for all current SL models, are a tangible improvement to the vehicle's aerodynamics. At high speeds, the driving stability is further enhanced since the aerodynamic lift affecting the front axle is significantly reduced.

And what is more, the components are either made of high-quality carbon or of PUR-RIM. For the upgraded SL generation, a specifically shaped front apron was developed which reduces the front axle's aerodynamic lift by means of its sophisticated design. At the same time, the engine as well as the front brakes benefit from additional cooling provided by the large central air intake.

Replacing the new apron against the standard bumper is nothing more than a child's play. The KICHERER designer suit for the new SL obtains its special je ne sais quoi by the aerodynamically relevant rear diffuser.

Further stylistic devices highlighting the sporty appearance are the shaded rear lights and the rear lid, the inside and the outside mirror shells made of carbon. The sporty interior overwhelms with its F1 steering wheel with carbon gearshift paddles, the supplementary instruments inside the outlet nozzles as well as with further decorative elements made of genuine carbon.

Another important detail stressing the individual look consists in the multi-part KICHERER RS-1 alloys. The two-seater can be equipped with 20" rims - the front ones with 255/30 ZR 20 Pneus and the rear with 305/25 ZR 20 tyres by Continental.

In order to further increase the current SL roadster's extraordinary driving dynamics, KICHERER has developed an electronic programming for the ABC chassis which lowers the car body by approximately 25 millimetres.

The KICHERER high-performance brake system with xxl-sized ventilated and drilled brake discs can easily cope with most excessive strains. And last but not least, the sports exhaust not only boosts the performance but pleases the ear - with a fine and unobtrusive sound symphony.

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