RENNtech Mercedes SLR McLaren 722GT Race Series  

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What do you do with 680 wild horses under your right foot? Take them to America of course! At least that is what tuner RENNtech, SLR.Club Trophy USA and RML (Ray Mallock Ltd) of the UK plan to do when they host a two-day track day series featuring the maddest SLR cars ever made, the 722GT in 2009. Exact dates will be announced this coming Northern Hemisphere summer.

The 722GT is technically superior to the standard car, which already boasts some impressive figures on its own. Fitted with the same 5.4-litre V8 run by a supercharger, the 722GT boosts power from the “ordinary” 626 bhp/ 467kW to 680 bhp/ 507kW and 830Nm of torque, with a weight shaving of some 660 lb/ 299kg. It is whispered in racing circles that the car will scuttle away from a still position to 62.1 mph/ 100km/h in less than 3.3 seconds and max out at just over 199 mph/ 320km/h.

Owners of this special vehicle, developed by RML at the approval of Mercedes-Benz, will stay at 5-star accomodations, meet very special guests, all the while being instructed by some of the best like David Coulthard and later racing at some historic tracks. RENNtech will provide trackside support for the events.

The idea was shaped after 722GT trackdays held at the Nurburgring and Paul Ricard. Only 21 of these are being made, half already sold, so get on the phone to RENNtech right now while there’s still time. While you’re at it, pass me next week’s winning Lotto numbers please!

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