Alfa Junior Furiosa Latest Spy Photos Plus Interior Shot  

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Coming off of the first prototype shots just over a week ago in Torino, here are the latest shots of the new Alfa Romeo Furiosa taken just this morning in northern Scandinavia. Despite the frigid temperatures, the effort put in by the photographer proved fruitful as he managed to capture first photo of the Furiosa's interior.

Scheduled to hit dealers in autumn of this year, the two-door hatchback is intended to do battle with serious competitors such as MINI and the up-coming Audi A1. Partly based on the Fiat Punto, we reckon the Alfa Furiosa will be the more attractive and exciting car which also explains Turin’s plan to employ the higher-level engines of the Punto-range with outputs between 120 and 227 bhp plus powerful diesel units. Additionally, adopting design cues from the Alfa 8C as seen in the headlamps and tailamps also help position it a notch higher. Being considerably shorter than the new Alfa 149, the new Furiosa could become an excitingly sporty hatch for the city. » Full text »

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