Bugatti Veyron Fbg Par Hermes In Detail  

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Just like the harmonious relationship between Maserati and Ferragamo, so have Bugatti and Hermès. Well, as far as this special Veyron goes. Badged Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès, it is a design centerpiece for Bugatti that marries visual strength with what is already acknowledged as the supercar of our times.

Precision technical ability meets design excellence as Veyron dresses up as a ramp model clad in Hermès leather. The two-tone theme Veyron already uses is extended for this model, literally from the bonnet upfront to the rear, right through the cabin. Detailing is close-up – inspect the pictured interior door handles – carrying the harmony of car and custom. Aluminium dashboard has made way for a special leather made out of bull-calf hide. Male cows, bulls, produce better quality leather because their “skins” don’t stretch during calf-bearing. More leather in the trunk courtesy of the leather case crafted specially by Hermès.

Veyron remains stock beneath what the naked eye sees. We still have the 8-litre tsunami at the back, armed to the teeth with its usual four turbos that are married to four cylinders each. The 1001 horses still run amok through the 4x4 system to do away with the 0 – 100km/h time in 2.5 seconds.

If you place your order right now it can be delivered to you before 2008 is shut, at a small price of €1.55 million.

Source: Bugatti

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