Fiat 500 Celebrity Race at Australian GP  

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The Vodafone Celebrity Challenge race went down well down under where Fiat 500 racing cars went up against one another as a sideshow to the F1 main race. Won by motocross champ Robbie Maddison, with Nathan Buckley second and downhill skier Steven Lee third, the celeb challenge wasn’t all about famous people driving a small famous car.

Said “Maddo” Maddison: “I really wanted to put on a show today and thank the sponsors for making all this happen. I’ve set world records on a motorcycle, but this experience has been a notch above.”

In a test of strength, and non-fitted airbags, former Australian Football League’s Western Bulldogs star Luke Darcy hit a safety railing during the third lap. This after he was nudged out of the way by Don Elgin, the track and field star.

“My intention was to take [Nathan] Buckley out, but Darcy just got in my way” quipped Elgin.

Although the Safety Car came howling down the track, no one had been seriously injured. The true victim of this test of manhood was the 500, which had to be removed from the scene.

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