Holden HSV W427 Supercar  

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Holden is working on unleashing its might on Australian roads as it revealed the HSV W427 at the Melbourne Motor Show. The HSV – Holden Special Vehicles – will be the fastest standard road car to ever come out of Australia, and will probably be one of the quickest globally as well. Unconfirmed power figures put the W427 at over 370kW and 640Nm of torque. Such numbers are seen only in saloons like BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. Many thanks to Corvette’s 7.0-litre LS7 power plant.

To better utilize the power, a limited slip diff will be used in conjunction with a new high-strength 6-speed manual shifter.

The car receives GM product’s Magnetic Ride suspension which helps adapt the car to current road conditions for optimum handling. A number of exterior enhancements such as carbon fiber rear spoiler, 20-inch wheels and a new front fascia.

What a tribute Australia’s original “muscle car” which turned 20 years old today.

Press Release

The car to be known in its final development stages as the W427 is finished in the same Panorama Silver paint scheme as the original Group A SS VL Commodore, released at the Melbourne Motor Show of 1988, exactly 20 years ago.
HSV Managing Director, Scott Grant, said the W427 was a tribute to how far the company has come in just twenty years. To be able to produce a vehicle of these proportions is truly remarkable, Scott Grant said.
The W427 will be quite possibly the fastest road registrable Supercar ever produced in Australia and among the quickest anywhere around the world, he said. While power output figures are still to be confirmed, the W427 is likely to produce in excess of 370kW of power and 640NM of torque.

It will also be one of the safest cars HSV has ever put on the road, Scott Grant said. A new six piston front braking system will provide a 50% increase in pad area, while the W427 also receives a revised ESP calibration, six air bags, improved handling and new Magnetic Ride Control settings.
The W427 receives a bimodal active exhaust system to improve noise quality and back pressure management.

Styling and design highlights include an all new front fascia, a three piece carbon fibre rear spoiler, 20 inch machined faced alloy wheel, unique exhaust tips and red leather interior.
Scott Grant said HSV would be introducing a unique customer relations program to accompany the launch of the new vehicle. The W427 will only be produced in limited numbers and we want to reflect that exclusivity in how we connect with our Supercar customers, Scott Grant said. This program will see the LS7 engine being fitted at Clayton, along with the dry sump system and a range of other engineering features. We are looking at opportunities to allow owners to visit HSV and view the unique manufacturing process that goes into building this car.
The W427 will go into production in the middle of the year and will be available for sale in dealerships in the third quarter of 2008. Make no mistake, while the specifications of the car unveiled on the stand today at the Motorshow may change slightly between now and when production begins, this car is destined to make as big an impact as the original Walkinshaw twenty years ago.

W427 key highlights*
• All new Front Fascia exclusive to W427
• All new three piece rear spoiler in carbon fibre
• All new 20 inch wheel
• HSV performance seats in full red hot trim with W427 logo, steering wheel, gear shifter and console lid in full red hot leather

? 7.0 Litre, LS7 Engine with HSV specific calibration
? 370kW @ 6500 rpm
? 640Nm @ 5000 rpm
? Over radiator style cold air induction system with high flow air filter
? Dry sump lubrication system with 2 stage pump
? Hand fabricated aluminium oil reservoir, with internal baffles for high G loading
? Front mount, 13 row engine oil cooler
? Ceramic coated, high flow four into one extractors
? High flow catalytic converters and exhaust system (3 into 2 3⁄4 )
? Active bi-modal rear mufflers for exhaust back pressure management to improve noise quality
? High strength limited slip differential
? New high strength six speed manual gear box (TR6060)
? GMPT LS7 Clutch with new actuator and pedal assembly for high clamp loads

? New springs, 30% stiffer than GTS
? Revised ride height 20mm lower than GTS
? New stiffer rear suspension bushing
? All new MRC calibration

? New 6 piston front braking system (50% increase in pad area)
? Strap drive, 2 piece floating front rotors (380 x 35mm compared to 365 x 32mm one piece on GTS)
? High friction pad material
* Specifications of W427 as at Melbourne Motor Show

Source: GM Corporation

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    crazy whore, only a classic socialist hardliner with class envy and a rabid lesbian feminazi with penis envy would reduce the argument to sexual innuendo. the car is simply an expression of technology on wheels. it is by its very nature excessive, but that should not allow it to be denied its creation. people who buy it allow future models to exist, like it or lump it.