Leaked: Bentley Zagato GTZ Ahead of Geneva Debut  

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Based on Continental GT Speed

Back in December Zagato announced that they would be working with Bentley on a new project but failed to mention which Bentley। Now we know, as we guessed in December it will indeed be the Bentley continental GT Speed.

Zagato makes an appearance every year at the Geneva Motor Show (last year we we shocked by the Spyker Zagato C12 and the Diatto Ottovu Project) and this year is no different। The Bentley Zagato GTZ receives quite a make-over with a new Veyron-ish front grille but it is in the rear where most of the personalizing took place with a curved roof and window.

We will have to wait for the official press release to go into details, but until then you can feast your eyes on the leaked images.
Source: omniauto.it

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