Maserati Releases New GranTurismo S Video  

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Seeing a car in good pictures is always a pleasure. Knowing it is powered by a V8 4.7-litre engine that pumps out 440 cv is also great, but watching such a machine in motion, and hear the V8 roar, is always more appealing. Thank God internet is the only means of communication that can bring you all these possibilities, and thank Maserati it has shot such a nice video of its newest creation, the GranTurismo S.

In the video, beside all details that pictures may have already shown you in the articles we have published, you can also see the car in nice European roads (if you recognize them, tell us which one is that, we’d love to get there someday) and how the electro-actuated gearbox with fast MC-Shift behaves when the driver touches the shifter pads behind the wheel. We may also know brakes are very efficient, since they were developed with Brembo people’s help, but this is not the pedal we want to see anyone pressing in a car like this one.

Not many people (proportionally to the amount of World Car Fans) will be able to get behind the wheel of such a nice piece of machinery, but we can have a good idea on how that must feel in this video. Be sure we will tell you how it is when we get the chance to test drive this car. Let’s hope it to be soon!

Source: Maserati

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