Photos Leaked:Hyundai Genesis Coupe  

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Set for public debut at the New York Auto show in two days, press photos of the yet to be revealed Hyundai Genesis Coupe have leaked. Sent to us as a tip (thanks Evan), the photos were found over at who added these pictures to an old article from the Genesis Coupe Concept debut in Los Angeles last year.

If the new Genesis sedan is an indicator of things to come, the Genesis Coupe, as the Tiburon replacement, will be a far superior car with greater quality, performance and driving dynamics. With a rear wheel drive platform and the entry level engine as a 2.0 liter turbo producing 215hp, the Genesis Coupe is off to a great start. But Hyundai is out for blood and takes it a bit further with a 3.8 liter V6 making approximately 300hp. As a result, the Genesis Coupe is going to get a lot of attention in New York and it's no surprise why.

Stay tuned for official info as it breaks.


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