Porsche Cayenne Diesel in 2009  

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Emissions regulations are causing profound impacts on automakers these days, and Porsche is finally answering the call with a diesel model next year. The Stuttgart-based company is planning to offer a diesel powered version of its Cayenne SUV.

The choice of engine would most probably be a V6 borrowed from Audi, says UK auto industry analyst Peter Schmidt via Automotive News Europe. Other more powerful engines (V8, V10, and V12) were also considered, but eventually called off due to their heaviness.

Audi is believed to be developing an efficient twin-turbocharged 3.2 litre V6 diesel engine producing more than 300 hp, which is the most logical candidate for this purpose.

There has been no word from Porsche on this, but we all know what CEO Wendelin Wiedeking has in mind in respect of tackling fuel-economy issues. Just over a month ago, Porsche announced that it is co-developing hybrid systems with Volkswagen for the Cayenne and the upcoming Panamera.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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