Saab 9-X BioHybrid Concept First Details Revealed  

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An expressive vision of a small car

Our recently launched sister site WorldCarFans Finland has got the scoop on this one। Saab is going to reveal a concept of their future compact car at the Geneva Motor Show early next week. The concept called 9-X BioHybrid, not the 9-1X as previously reported, is equipped with 1.4-liter 200bhp BioPower engine with hybrid power assistance. Saab is trying to appeal to a youthful customer with progressive design, efficient performance and some high-tech features. Styling is based on the Aero X and 9X concepts and the aim is pure, clean, uncluttered Scandinavian design. The 9-X BioHybrid's design also explores potential for active aerodynamics. Interior cockpit is innovative and there is seamless connectivity for technical devices (iPod, Mp3). The 9-X BioHybrid also features a unique load-carrying system.

Unfortunately no photos at this time, but we expect to post some on the eve of the first press day in Geneva।

Source: WorldCarFans Finland

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