Volkswagen Scirocco in Its Environment: The Road!  

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Most cars look better moving than in stand still. This is also the case for the VW Scirocco, recently introduced at the Geneva Motors Show. Besides showing the car in some of its best colours (we have just loved the red one), the German brand has also released a video of the new vehicle in its natural environment: the road. And what a road car it is!

We have already given you all the information about the new sport coupe, but it is worth repeating the main ones: prices in Germany will start at € 21,750, three petrol (TSI, generating 122 cv, 160 cv and 200 cv) and one diesel (TDI, developing 140 cv) engines will be offered, the six-speed DSG gearbox will be available for the 200 cv TSI and the TDI and the seven-speed DSG for the 160 cv TSI (why not for the 200 cv?) and last, but not least, its suspension will feature the Adaptative Chassis Control.

Since Scirocco’s front end reveal the new Volkswagen’s “design language”, this video is really handy. It will help you get used to the new looks most cars from the German automaker will have in the future.

Source: Volkswagen

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