Bond car plunges into Italian lake  

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James Bond’s next car, though not confirmed as another amphibian, has been pulled out of Lake Garda in northern Italy where it plunged on Saturday. A driver was moving the black Aston Martin to the set of Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig’s next blockbuster as the famed 007. It had been raining quite heavily at the time and the driver may have lost control in the wet conditions. The cliff from which it went off was more than 10 metres high. Driver is safe in hospital.

Quantum of Solace is set to hit the screens in November this year and will be Craig’s second coming as the famous fictitious spy Bond. In his last flick Casino Royale, released in 2006, Bond got to show off in another Aston, the DBS. Thank goodness, Ford must be thinking, it was the Aston that got dunked, and not our Ka also featured in the film.

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