Ford Focus Facelift According to Loder1899  

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Music for the eyes

Loder1899, one of Germany's top tuners when it comes to Ford cars and stable mates, has worked their magic on the recently facelifted Ford Focus. Loder1899 developed a new sportier body kit, staying true to Ford's new slogan: The new Ford Focus is music for the eyes.

The sporty new body kit consists of a new front spoiler, rear diffuser and roof spoiler and is complemented by 17 to 20 inch alloys, pictured are 9x20 inch W1 alloy wheels in special edition black 'polished glam' finish. Besides the faster look, Loder1899 also provides a new engine management kit, providing the hatchback with and additional 30 hp and now peaks at 165 hp at 4,200 rpm. The new Focus is also lowered by 35mm thanks to a new sports suspension.

The entire kit costs just over Euro 5,000 (excluding assembly and painting).
Source: लोदेर१८९९.

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