Mercedes C 63 AMG Official DTM Safety Car  

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While the Mercedes SL 63 AMG gets the official Safety Car honours for Formula 1, the C 63 AMG gets the badge of honour along with Audi at the German Touring Car Championships (DTM). The role of the Safety car is to manage and ensure safety both on and around the track in the event of a possible accident occurring. Safety Car driver Peter Lux must position the C 63 AMG in front of the field of race cars and safely lead them around the circuit until the potentially dangerous situations are brought under control.

The amply powered C 63 AMG saloon with it's 6.3-liter 336 kW/457 hp naturally aspirated engine has received modifications which help sustain performance during it's on track duties. “These include a high-performance radiator, two engine oil coolers located on either side of the front apron and an additional, larger transmission oil cooler. The rear axle differential features cooling fins and a separate oil cooler. The best possible handling dynamics are provided by the C 63 AMG-specific three-link front suspension with a wider track, the AMG sports parameter steering, the AMG Performance suspension with a stiffer set-up and 3-stage ESP with the sports function.”
Source: Daimler

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