Honda Legend facelift  

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Style changes in Honda lineup will soon take a further step, as has shown us with pictures of the New Honda Legend, taken at the 2008 Busan Autoshow, in South Korea (check the plate with the name of the car and the place in which it has been shown, full of references to the model). No information has been officially disclosed on the new sedan so far, but we can surely say it is not a deep change, only a facelift on the previous version of the Legend, sold in the USA as the Acura RL.

Considering the New Accord (named Inspire for the Japanese market) got an upgraded V6 engine, with VCM (Variable Cylindre Management), which can switch off up to three cylindres, in order to improve fuel economy and lower emissions, the new Legend will also bring this engine as its main feature, besides the revised exterior. We can also expect for changes on the interior of the car, making it even more luxurious, but that is about everything Honda’s new sedan will present as news. Until, of course, its next generation brings a roomier interior and, why not, a V8 engine with rear-wheel drive. Hyundai has been faster in doing so by presenting the Genesis, or else, Honda and Toyota should not wait too much to follow the same steps.

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