About to Be Presented, Lotus Eagle Is Caught at the Ring  

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This image will probably be stuck in Lotus fans’ memories, since it has already appeared so many times and Lotus engineers do not seem to have a great deal of imagination in order to camouflage the new Eagle. All the times it has been spotted it was using exactly the same covers. The big news about this scoop is that it was in Nürburgring, what confirms the idea that this Lotus, as most of the others, will offer superb handling and its presentation date, in July, at the British Motor Show, is getting closer.

While Opel has unveiled the first official pictures of the new Insignia well before its presentation, also at the British Motor Show, it is very likely Lotus will save the best for last। Although the final appearance of the car may take a while to be known, we are already well informed about the mechanics: just like the Elise, the Eagle will have a Toyota poweplant, but bigger. The mid-mounted engine to power the new car will be a 3.5-litre V6, elected one of the 10 best engines of the world by Ward's AutoWorld magazine, and possibly stronger than the 306 bhp stock version. Anyway, what we are really willing to show you is if Lotus has managed to combine its engineering expertise to a great looking car. Stay tuned!

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