Baby Ferrari Finally Confirmed as Grand Tourer  

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There is no more denying it!! Despite numerous denials Ferrari has finally confirmed what we had all expected, they are in fact working on a brand new model and the name – Ferrari Grand Tourer.

The Italians have created a special site for the new model at and before the official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show in September, we can look forward to a number of teasers as the new model is revealed bit by bit. Just to get those juices flowing, Ferrari have began with a few soundbites and trust us, they are well worth heading over there for a few seconds of bliss. Despite earlier speculation stating the Grand Tourer will be powered by a V6, the engine certainly sounds to have the bite of a V8.

The new model will slot in at the bottom of the Ferrari portfolio and is expected to be priced in the region of €110,000 with around 4000 units being produced each year.

Source: Ferrari via WorldCarFans

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