BMW M1 green light's production stipulation?  

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It wouldn't take many people long to convince us here at the WCF office to vote for the M1 Homage Concept to be put into production. Lets face it, the Bavarian manufacturer is well placed to create a more than adequate replacement to the legendary M1. Take a look at the superb M3 as an example of what the Bavarian manufacturer is capable of not to mention their total domination of the world engine of the year awards over the last 4 years.

Latest word on street now comes from the Brits over at Car Magazine, which claims that an M1 successor is very much on the agenda, but it won't be call the M1. “We have the know-how, we have the right engine, we even have the infrastructure to build such a car,” comments BMW board member Herbert Diess.

Further details about the M1 production version are also revealed in this months Car Magazine issue including the timetable for production, the three-strong powertrain line-up, the lightweight body construction and the plan for ‘heron-wing’ doors, and a driver-focused, multi-layered interior.
Source: car via autoblog

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