Delta4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser V8  

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Germany's Delta4x4, as the name suggests, focuses on SUV and other off-roaders. Last month the Bavarian company released their upgrades for the Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

Starting with the engine, the tuners manage to extract an additional 32 hp from the seventh generation Land Cruiser resulting in 318 hp with 780 Nm of torque and a 218 km/h top speed. Not every driver is at ease with such power under the hood, so Delta4x4 also offer a high performance brake system. This brake system consists of a six-piston caliper, a 396 mm perforated brake disc and a steel wrapped hose providing precise pedal response and extreme stopping power.

The usual aesthetic options are available too, like an EU approved front bar (a bigger front bar is available for export markets), handmade 101 mm stainless steel side and rear bars, stainless steel double pipe exhaust system and 17 to 23 inch wheels.

It all comes at a price though, the brake system for one costs Euro 6,760, the front, side and rear bars will set you back almost Euro 5,000, the engine managment update almost Euro 2,000 and the exhaust system Euro 700.

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