Detroit:Ferrari 430 Spider Bio Fuel Concept  

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Ferrari are hardly a brand you would associate with producing environmental energy saving automobiles, but it seems by this concept we could see a new direction for the Italian supercar manufacturer. The Ferrari 430 Spider Bio Fuel Concept made what we would call a quiet debut at the Detroit Motor Show with no special press conference called which leads us to think it isn't something they are heading into too seriously.

According to Automotive News preliminary data points in the positive direction with power output increased by 10hp to 500 hp with torque up 4% and fuel consumption down by 5%. But there is no need to get your cheque books out just yet, the production is said to be "not close",whch is backed up by the fact E85 fuel is only widely in areas where Ferrari sales are negligible such as U.S. Midwest states, Brazil and Sweden. However a ferrari official has said that if E85 became widely available in California (where 10% of Ferrari's worldwide sales are) then this Bio Fuel model would become a viable option.

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