Image Leaked: Nissan 370Z  

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The new Nissan 370Z likely won't be seen in the flesh until its rumored reveal at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show this November, but meanwhile, a new photo has been leaked onto the 'Net that is reported to come from leaked Nissan presentation materials. We sure hope this is the actual car, as the styling pays even more homage to the original 240Z of the early 1970s than the current model does.

When compared to the 370Z sculpture shown at the recent N360 event in Portugal we can start to see some similarities between the two cars, namely the wheel arches and the roof line. The new 370Z will be four inches shorter than the current 350Z, combined with a new roof line (seemingly a throw back to the Fairlady of old) and the usage of the new type headlamps which first debuted on the new Nissan Maxima. The new overseas Fairlady Z will pack around 330 hp from the new 3.7 liter VQ engine and is scheduled to make its world debut at this years LA Auto Show.

The more angular, shark-like nose is an absolute throwback while the kinked, upturned rear three-quarter window and flared rear fender also recall the original car -- and provide for a much more aggressive appearance than the 350Z. Under the skin, there will be some equally impressive changes to Nissan's legendary sports car. For starters, the new Z will reportedly be smaller and lighter than the outgoing model as part of Nissan's global plans to cut weight from its lineup. That will only mean good things from a performance standpoint, as one of the 350Z's largest downsides is its 3,400 lb curb weight making it one of the heaviest players in its category. Length is expected to be taken out of the car as well, with a wheelbase that will drop around four inches and a reduction of overall length by some five inches. That kind of resizing would place it firmly in Porsche Cayman/BMW M Coupe range.

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