Mini Clubman Chateau by Aznom  

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These are the basic items of the new interpretation of the Mini Clubman signed Aznom. Worthy heired of the legendary Mini Sassicaia dedicated to the most famous wine in the world, sold in 12 exclusives specimen so the new Mini Chateau is born, a Mini that, thanks to its name evokes the elegance of the world of the Grands Chateaux; for this reason in its car trunk has found place a 6 bottles (and chalices) wine-cellar completely caulked and shock absorbent; built up with the same wood and leather selected for the car.

Concerning the inner features, the match of aged / gaucho leather and Alcantara creates a warm vintage atmosphere that embraces the passengers in a special trip of elegance, emotion and tradition. In order to make this car version really special, we chose to couple a more “classic” style leather with an unconventional / eccentric old-looking one.

Regarding the car body, the exterior paint pearly-changeable brown has been matched with a sandy/gold metallic paint selected for the top, for part of bumpers and other details shaping up the whole car style creating an ideally separation between top and body, mostly thanks to the wide side windows that lightens the top part of the car. The really distinguishing element is the precious wood used internally and externally.

Inside (glossy finished) for some details of dashboard and doors. Outside (mat and weather resistant finished) for the top part of back bumper, head lamps frame, underlining so the back doors, emblematic element, typical of the Mini Clubman version. So, we wish in this way to dedicate to the legendary Mini Clubman a really brand-new interpretation, worthy of being its modern heiress.

The chose alloy wheels TSW “Pace” are elegant and sporty same time, and thanks to the generous dimensions of 18” equipped with 205/40 tyres Yokohama S-Drive has been put a stress on the peculiar dynamic vocation that all along distinguishes the Mini style.

The Mini Chateaux will be realized in a limited edition of sole 12 really exclusive samples characterized by numbered labels completed with the name of the lucky owners.

Source: Aznom

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