Slovenia Mystery Roadster Spotted  

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A mystery roadster has been spotted by a WCF reader in Slovenia, and with this one, we have certainly met our match. The mystery car appears to be a compact roadster and features a triple headlight layout on each side of the front fascia along with a single half-oval shaped grille and there are no signs of any additional air intakes, the bonnet shows a smooth rounded design which continues at the rear.

The mystery model could well be the replacement for the MG TF as reported earlier this week with the triple headlights on each side reminiscent of the current model as well as the large single grille. The overall body shape also appears similar to a recent rendering of the upcoming 2010 model.

Despite this similarity, the prototype could well be a replacement for the Honda S2000 or even a new model from the Fiat group as it was spotted in Slovenia which borders Italy,

Comment below and tell us what you think it is.

UPDATE: The mystery has been solved by WCF reader Radetzky as just 7-year student project, see this Slovenian site for more details.

via WorldCarFans

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