Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA launch in summer 2009  

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It will include direct injection, variable valve timing and Alfa says it is set to be the most powerful car in the sector.

The 1750cc engine was used for the first time in the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Giuliettas of the 1960s and was a real success.

Although the image above is rendered speculation from the fine folks over at it looks tantalizingly good with the over sized rims on low-profile tires which fill in the air gap of the bulbous wheel arches quite nicely. The body kit is eccentric, but still, tastefully done.

According to 4car, Alfa says it will be the most powerful car in the segment, and compared to MINI's 175hp Cooper S, they are most certainly correct.

Alfa Romeo confirmed it will unveil a hotted-up version of its new Mito supermini in summer 2009. The GTA version will be powered by a 1750cc, turbocharged engine that will deliver 230bhp.


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