BMW M GmbH celebration with 300,000 vehicle's in 30 years  

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Only starts in the recent time US and Japan automobile manufacturer to demonstrate finally the performance faces automobile's identical kind of intensity likely European. BMW reminds our their movement dynamic vehicle's tradition using the opportunity to go back even more goes a step further. The instruction by 300,000th the M model's production with mountain white BMW the M3 sedan car's payment to a customer in the Reagan Si fort, Gmbh BMW M celebrates their 30th anniversary commemoration. Started in 1972 by BMW Motorsport establishment Gmbh, its wasn' Until the limited version M1 race car, take the middle engine straight six cylinder engine as the characteristic, caused 1978 is motorsports approval goal six years later t. However, its wasn' t Gmbh that BMW M has established the new company philosophy until 1984: The high performance automobile's development is suitable the daily road. The difference by the separation esthetics and motorsports the aerosol technology which affects, these display the automobile are “every day” and 210 kW/286 bhp direct six engine's BMW M5. The M5 sports passenger vehicle had discovered he attracts the appearance merchant who and said conservatively by its performance. Two years later, Gmbh BMW M has produced M3 in 1986. From then on, amounts to the M3 model its distortion occupies the most major part which BMW M Gmbh the overall vehicle sells. At present has in the BMW M Gmbh scope 9 models, and all BMW the M model sale continues to rise and each new generation. The US is BMW the M automobile's most important market, and to high performance race car's European high demand in Britain, Germany and Italy. Sees the following news issue for further model and the sales data detail.

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